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Perfect IT Is Not Good Enough

In far too many companies IT has assumed user roles that actually belong to the business. Some managers have been uninterested, but more often it happened because line-of-business was not invited. If business process performance shall have a change to improve this must change. Aware business managers know that. They know that if they are not in control of IT – in terms of capability and usability – they are not in control of their own business nor its destiny.

Forward-thinking IT organizations should strive to enable their business customers’ ability to satisfy their needs for new IT solutions without having to stand in long queues waiting for IT department project approval. IT needs to change in favor of:

  • Proactive and business-friendly services; less need for service is better service!
  • Demonstrating that they understand that business performance is infinitely more important than IT compliance.

Perfect IT operations – featuring ideal governance, standardization, processes, resource management, cost transparency and structure – is no longer good enough. Perfect IT for the IT organization is no longer enough to satisfy business’ expectations about time and functionality to ensure competitive advantage. Business managers will only be satisfied when they directly control the IT service delivery and therefore feel accountable for the results.

Customer first approach is a great appeal to associate with IT because it speaks to its purpose. In due course IT should be transformed to operate more like a business where the successful customer outcome is first priority. However, while the progressive IT organization help enabling their customers IT capability they must continue to ensure that the IT operations are done right.

Traditional IT ideals are still valid but so is also agility. To be agile is to have the ability to move quickly, with flexibility, skill and control to satisfy customer needs. IT leaders need to understand that they need to give away authority to help fulfill IT’s purpose! Next, they need to be experts in translating business needs into technology solutions!

Author: PeterBj

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